Thursday, July 18, 2013

More of Darlington House in AD

I thought it would be appropriate for me to mark my return to the blogosphere by showing additional photographs of Darlington House that appeared in the June issue of Architectural Digest magazine.

The main elevation of our drawing room at Darlington House
featuring a wallpaper panel from Dufour's Cupid and Psyche series

These are pictures that appeared in the print version of the magazine, but that weren't featured in the online edition until only recently.  You can see the other photographs of Darlington House that also appeared in the June issue of the magazine in my Reggie Revealed post.

Darlington's dining room, restored to its original yellow wall color

The full run of photographs of Darlington House, along with the accompanying article written by the marvelous and erudite Mitchell Owens, is featured on AD's website, and can be found here.  I'm thrilled by it.

Reggie spends a lot of time sitting at this table, pecking away
on his laptop, working on posts for this blog

I must admit that having a house that I live in appear in a design magazine has always been a fantasy of mine.  That Darlington House was chosen to be featured in Architectural Digest, the pinnacle of such magazines in my view, makes me dizzy with pleasure.

A view of the upstairs hall

When I leaf through AD's pages featuring the houses, apartments, yachts, and castles of celebrities, billionaires, and tastemakers I can't help but wonder how it is that our own little plain Jane of a house was chosen to appear in its pages?  It almost takes my breath away.

A view of the upstairs sitting room, which we call our "Snuggery"

Even so, a little voice in the back of my mind keeps asking, "What's next, Reggie?  What else do you have up your sleeve?  When are you going to buckle down and actually get to work on that book of yours that you've been talking about?"

Well, Dear Reader, I'm not going to let those inner voices rain on my parade here quite yet.  I plan on continuing to revel in the pleasure of the AD story having run, resuming my regular posting here on RD, and allowing myself the space to sit back and enjoy it all.

At least for now . . .

All photographs by William Waldron and styled by Howard Christian.  All images courtesy of Architectural Digest


  1. You still owe me an answer Mr D to my comment of 7th June and the first post of the AD article:

    Having only just now seen the unexpurgated version, (the hard copy of AD), I can add my tuppence worth: it's absolutely stunning. Well done to you both. I am curious about the drawing room; the first picture shows the one as above, but the second the other side; are there two very similar sitting areas, or have the photographers just moved the furniture around a bit?

    I'm sure you were overwhelmed by the comments, so I'll throw this in early on.

    Toodle pip.

    1. Hello Columnist: Thank you for your kind comment, and interest. The furniture arrangement in the drawing room is one and the same -- the photographer moved it around for the two pictures. What is interesting, we think, is that they did not also photograph the chmineypiece (referred to in the article, but not shown). You can see photgraphs of it in a post I did in March 2010 called "At Long Last, A Looking Glass":

      Thanks, Reggie

  2. I read the article when the announcement was making the rounds on blogs. I find your simple, refined style so very inviting.
    Glad to see you return to blogging.

  3. Such a gorgeous house... and warm and full of love, too! xo

  4. Reggie,

    Again, congrats are in order- your country house is lovely, maybe now your city flat could be published too?


  5. Reggie your home is in no way "a Plain Jane". It is Darlington House! A beautifully restored and renovated historical property down to the original Paint colors.

    Bravo and yes, you and Boy can be very proud. Seeing all of your antiques is thrilling!

    All the best
    2013 Designer Series

  6. Thank you! So great to see more of your lovely home. xo xo

  7. I love the Cupid & Psyche wallpaper series and would cherish a panel.

  8. Your "snuggery" is superb and looks very welcoming and comfortable. None of that over-accessorized nonsense for you both, I see – not that I would have expected it – and I'll bet it is as tidy when you leave it of an evening as you'd like to see it first thing in the morning. Lovely.

  9. CONGRATS!How VERY exciting.........for you and BOY!The home is whats this about a book?How long must we all wait?!

  10. Sincerest congratulations on the AD article. Well deserved! Fantastic job on Darlington. And it was fun to know a bit about your 'real' selves, although I continue to think of you as Reggie Darling and Boy Fenwick.

    Revel away, and enjoy your summer!

    Warm regards,

  11. Your house is stunning and I'm glad that AD did it the justice that it deserves. It's also nice to now have a more complete mental image of you in your surroundings.

  12. Congratulations! From my heart!
    thank God and thank Goodness that AD did publish your divine and lovely house!

    (McMansions are outre!) did you hear?
    We are all delighted you are back!

    How lucky are you and AD to have Howard Christianson.....(he might remember me from Treillage! I bought every single architectural "accoutrement" on our house in Montecito!!) Which we built from scratch; and Newell came to California to photograph!!

    And Bunny , actually walked through! (I don't know if she remembers!)
    She stopped in my bathroom and said........"ISN'T IT SOOO FUN????"!!!!

    YES. IT IS!

    How lovely to all end up together "in a pile"! Good grief! Howard, Newell (Lordy!!);' is quite amazing.


  13. How lovely that you've returned to the blogosphere. I hope your break was everything you could have best wished.

    The AD spread is just delightful - I've spent a very happy wee while taking an imaginary vacation and admiring your and Boy's brilliant work. Thank you so much for sharing it with your readers.

    A query, if I may - would you be willing to name the shade of blue that adorns the ceiling over the front door (visible in the picture of Boy)? I've been searching for that shade for my porch ceiling for a long time.

    Cheers, and thanks!


  14. I found it fascinating that putting the wallpaper in one area only, and the same width as the couch, gave it a completely different feeling: a wonderful merging of old and new in one brilliant stroke. The issue of AD with your house in it convinced me to subscribe to the magazine!

  15. Simply magnificent. Thank you Reggie and Boy.


  16. Ooooh. Just clicked to see if you were back. Delicious photos. Am glad you are back.

  17. so glad you're back...plan jane house!! ..hmmm
    that window at the end of the upstairs hall fantastic as it the colour green


    Yes, this week it is time for you to simply get started seriously on your book.
    You know I know that you must.
    Schedule it, settle down, and just do it. It will be brilliant.

    best DIANE

  19. I enjoyed the article and all the eye candy of your weekend home. AD did you proud. I love the Windsor chairs in your breakfast area. At first glance, silly me thought that they were the pewter MS knockoffs. Thanks for sharing here and in AD.

  20. Dear Reggie,

    I haven't felt so duped since I was a child and learned that Sherlock Holmes never actually existed. But I soon got over it.

    What a lovely house! I grew up in a rural area and early on developed an appreciation for good vernacular architecture. I can tell you it was a thrill to see Darlington inside and out. Such a good example of a neoclassical I-house with service wing. There's something uniquely American about the way the small English manor house/yeoman farmer's cottage melded with Georgian architecture to create this style. It could be a humble wooden structure of minimal size, or a very nice brick one with great style, as yours exhibits. The latter form almost always showed the American spirit to better oneself and to demonstrate pride in one's prosperity by building a home that would impress the neighbors.

    You've really outdone the rising yeoman or merchant who built your house. It's lovely inside and out!


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