Sunday, December 8, 2013

Basil's First Darlington Christmas Begins . . .

Boy tells me that I am wasting too much time and too many images by posting on my Facebook page instead of here at Reggie.  He thinks I've been neglecting you, Dear Reader.

So I'm going to do something about that.  I plan on adding more short-and-sweet mini posts here to augment the longer, wordier, image-filled posts I've been doing for most of this past year.  The migration of my shorter posts to FB is one of the reasons I've been posting less frequently here at Reggie.

Today's post follows through on my resolution.  It features a photograph of our sweet little Basil sitting on the floor of one of our barns at Darlington, with our newly cut Christmas tree—an Abies concolor, commonly known as a Concolor Fir—waiting in the background.  Boy cut the tree down this morning at a nearby Christmas tree farm with the assistance of our wonderful handyman/groundsman/all-around-helper/godsend Rich (just as he did last year, too).

We plan on putting the tree up in our drawing room next weekend, with the assistance of darling Basil, of course.  Given what Boy has told me about his plans to decorate this year's tree, I am sure it will be one of the most beautiful we've ever had.

Needless to say, Basil is beside himself with excitement!

Photograph by Boy Fenwick


  1. Oh please do share your shorter posts with us. I am allergic to Facebook (an allergy shared by many), and do look forward to all of your missives from Darlington and elsewhere.

  2. Oh I do agree with Boy, post here more often. Basil is a darling! Can't wait to see the tree decorated. Also I am waiting for the dinner party part II.

    1. Dying to hear about the dinner party and heartily agree with Karen above. One is not on FB.

  3. I am so thrilled to see Basil in a post! And I look forward to seeing the tree all decked out.

  4. If I had a leash like Basil perhaps I could restrain myself.

  5. Basil does not seem to mind being seen here nor on facebook. I do love the nonchalance of your tree pre-lit and bedazzled by Basil in the foreground.
    He truly looks like a poser. Love his pomp.

  6. Please send my thanks to Boy.....Wonderful idea on the posts. I am the only person left without Facebook in my life. Basil is such a handsome little man. Waiting to see the Darlington tree..
    Becky in South Georgia

  7. I will happily read your posts wherever they appear! I can't wait to see the tree.

  8. I have been saddened by the lack of posts on RD, which I enjoy and look forward to so much. I am glad that Boy has addressed this with you. Like Karen, I am allergic to Facebook and have missed your thoughtful, delightful, and wonderfully well written blogging here.

  9. Basil looks like a future pro regarding Christmas decorating. More pictures of Basil & Christmas, please.

  10. I agree with BOY……more posts less FB!
    BASIL will bring great enjoyment to all………….how many gifts will be under the tree for him?!!

  11. Basil is such a complete "BABE"! He is and will continue to be a complete joy to the household! I cannot wait to see the tree and hear his opinion of it!!!


    I guess I must do a tree even though all grandchildren will be GONE!! (no complaining allowed! 5 out of 7 live within one mile! LIUCKY US!!!)

    Games galore! 6th grade basketball.....(boys( 9th grade is stunning! Twins!!!JV girls and boys..... ) And girls varsity......11th grade.......Cate School)!

    And a sixth grader at Crane School.......boy's basketball!

    I yell the loudest......I don;t care what they say! Granny gets to YELL!!!

    I owe it to the animals.......the tree will be done! two cats......and "two dogs; and a back-up"! (aka 3 dogs!!)

    16 chickens! 10 wild ducks.......Shees........I will start the tree tomorrow! What was I thinking! Grnadchildren??

    Animals live here, too!! They need a TREE!!!

  12. I am enjoying to reading your article. You did a great job and thanks for that. Living Room Decor Ideas

  13. I love seeing you on Facebook, but have been missing your blog posts. I cannot wait to see what Boy dreams up for the tree this year. Happy holidays to you, Boy, and sweet little Basil.

  14. Gail, in northern CaliforniaDecember 10, 2013 at 6:23 PM

    Thank you! Not everyone is enamored with Facebook.

  15. I've missed your wonderful musings on the blogosphere. I hardly know anything about sweet little Basil's charming personality. Merry Christmas to you, Boy and sweet Basil.


  16. Another true follower that does not indulge in Facebook -- and welcomes any and all of your wonderful words (and Boy Fenwick's brilliant photos) hereabouts. What a handsome wee soul is darling Basil!! Hoping to read all about -- as well as see photos -- of your Holiday prep and parties! My favorite photo is the older one of the antique bust decorated with the chocolate ribbon!



  17. As always the tree will be worth waiting for ..

  18. I concur with commenters who eschew Facebook. Please continue to share life and events at Darlington House with us here. Best wishes.

  19. Thank you for posting on your blog. Your insight into 21st century behaviors is a community service as are your obsevations. Though I graduated many a decade ago, your guidance and sharing is appreciated immensely. I do think ,iif nothing else , a collection of your essays-- these are esssays!!! ---you are as funny as David Sadaris ---some editor is missing the boat you need an agent --a literary agent or a screen play writer this , This is my life, is entertaining. Honestly, you put it out there --for those of us that stumble upon it and we are hooked.


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