Monday, January 30, 2012

Reggie's New York Antiques Week 2012, Part II

Well, there wasn't supposed to be a Part II.  At least I wasn't expecting there would be a need for one, as I thought we were done buying during Antiques Week.

But I was mistaken, as it turns out.

On Wednesday, Boy and his assistant designer, Nancie Peterson, did some shopping for clients on Lexingon Avenue and then combed the aisles of the Winter Antiques Show.

Image courtesy of the Winter Antiques Show

As I have written before, the Winter Antiques Show is the Granddaddy of the New York antiques shows.  I believe it is the most prestigious and vaunted antiques show in America, in league with the top European fine arts and antiques shows.  The Winter Show, as it is known here in New York, is the longest running antiques show in the city, and its opening party is one of the major events of the New York social season.

Boy vowed that our personal shopping during the shows and auctions was complete.  However, when trolling one aisle of the Winter Show he spotted this 7½ inch tall Staffordshire eagle, circa 1835, tucked in a corner cupboard at the booth of Jeffrey Tillou Antiques.  Boy said, "I think I might need that."  He looked at Nancie for her opinion, and she, knowing our house and its collections, nodded, "Yes, I believe you do!"

The figures's feathers are sublime.

And the bits of flora bocage on its perch are quite divine.

Here, the bird is straining to fly from our Manhattan apartment's window and soar to Darlington House, where it will join our collection of English Staffordshire figures and animals.

Since the Winter Show officially closed yesterday evening, and was the last event of Antiques Week to do so, I am now confident to say—with a mixture of pleasure and relief—that we really are now done with the shows this season.

All photographs by Boy Fenwick


  1. I have never really appreciated Staffordshire figures, but you are making me look at them with a fresh eye!

  2. A great, lively post for that bird--no wonder it was irresistible. My guess is that's supposed to be bits of moss on the eagle's craggy perch.
    --Road to Parnassus

  3. Good Morning Reggie

    From your writing and description and image this piece of art will be enjoyed by you. I absolutely adore the image of it placed in your window. It just invites so many questions and assumptions.
    Thank you for sharing this on a pleasant Monday morning

    Helen xx

  4. Wow. That's beautiful. I'm not a Staffordshire sort, but that transcends the genre...

  5. I'm so glad I dropped in to read today. I've never seen a Staffordshire eagle before. Good find on Boys part! DH is the perfect home for the piece! Just think how your fourth of July table will look with his addition!

  6. I think your handsome eagle will be very happy to live at Darlington, near your Washington clock. I especially like that he has a golden crest. Of all your Staffordshire pieces, this is my favorite.

  7. Your new addition is, as you put it dahhling, sublime indeed!

  8. Reggie=

    The birds are divine.

    They show such inspired spirit and artistry. From every angle and from close and distant they are so graceful.

    It's unusual that these 'smalls' have such attention to detail and such movement.

    Beautiful find. I see a new collection...
    cheers, DIANE


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