Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winning Bid: American Fancy Chairs II

Reggie seems to be having a bit of a problem with Blogger at the moment.  He just posted a new essay this morning titled Winning Bid: American Fancy Chairs that Blogger is insisting that I already posted on October 11th, and has therefore buried it back in October's postings.

One of a pair of New York fancy chairs, ca. 1815-1820
that we recently acquired for Darlington House

If you would like to read the essay, and Reggie encourages you to do so (otherwise, why would I have written it?), please click on the link to it above.

Thank you,


  1. Well, that explains part of the other mystery, which is why a while back, for about 24 hours blogger claimed that you had a new post about Fancy chairs, yet when one attempted to click the link, it merely came up 'post does not exist'. I had my own blogger issues this evening, when despite my instruction to the contrary, it announced that no such post existed.

  2. Did you try messing with "post options?" I'm sure you did. I didn't know it existed for a while.

  3. oh no darling,so frustrating!!! what? can't you change the date? duh? guess not. I had some nutty things happen while I was away. pgt

  4. Dear Reggie, I concur exactly with what DED says above. At first I thought you had written something and then my computer said that RD did not exist. As you may imagine, I was mightily relieved to read that you were alive and well in a susequent posting!!

  5. Reggie --

    As TDED said -- but, when I googled the post by name, I found it had been saved, and could be viewed as cached. So it was more or less ready to be read back then.

    (I assumed you had decided to delete it, and for whatever reason Blogger had conspired against you.)

  6. As my most astute readers realized, well ahead of Reggie, I had, by mistake, posted an early draft of the Fancy Chairs story several weeks ago. Once I understood what I had done, I immediately sent it back to "drafts." But that crafty Blooger.com remembered what I had done, and when it came time to post the finished version, Blogger did so on the day I had done so in error. All is solved. Many thanks!

  7. Dear Reggie,

    While I do not have a comment specific to your current post, I do feel compelled to thank you for your blog generally, upon which I stumbled about a week ago and have read since in its entirely with great enjoyment!

    I am new to the world of lifestyle blogging and find it a relief to be able to indulge, especially now that so many of my beloved shelter magazines have succumbed to the recession. In fact, I might be a bit embarrassed to admit the number of such blogs to which I've recently subscribed .

    In any event, I wanted you to know that you have achieved your stated goal to provide me with a diversion from my daily cares, which have recently been populated with more than my usual quota of les vicissitudes de la vie.

    I look forward to ever more posts about you and your sweet family. And I hope that you will post more pics of Darlington House in all its Holiday finery this season.

  8. Dear Reggie,

    What a lovely set of chairs! I recently had a brilliant set of four in a natural elm and ash finish. They sold quickly, as one would expect.

    I'm rather certain you will find my collection of well curated antique and vintage items very tasty indeed! I have an English 18th century sofa with exceptional simplicity and unmatched 1790's craftsmanship. It's a truly bespoke piece suited to a fine American character/grade listed home. Please visit the link to my blog for details pertaining to my online stores (sso & Etsy). http://www.hartonginternational.com

    I'm pleased a client of mine had directed me towards your blog. If you'd like more 18th & early 19th century British and American pieces than you see in my online collections, please feel free to be in contact. My studio in New England is brimming with character period pieces, which have yet to be listed.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Hartong

    Hartong International Antiques


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