Monday, December 26, 2011

Cheaper By the Dozen

Ornaments, that is . . .

Today, Boxing Day, had us stir crazy for our annual vintage-ornament-hunting pilgrimage to a large bottom-fishing group-shoppe antiques center on the other side of the Hudson River.  While Boy captured an early nineteenth-century green feather-edge creamware tidbit (the subject of another post), we scored some individual glass balls and this much-needed box of twelve chartreuse ornaments.

Originally priced at fifty-nine cents in the last century, it was marked at fifteen dollars today—minus ten percent during the day-after-Christmas sale.  The Coby Glass Products Co., which made the ornaments, was based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, according to the short end of the box.

I ask you, Dear Reader, did you find a Boxing Day bargain today?

Photographs by Boy Fenwick


  1. I do love your purchase

    No Boxing Day shopping for me today. I am quite happy to spend time at the beach, where the temperature is beautiful.

  2. Nice find! Looking forward reading about creamware. Here in Hong Kong we have no real sale anymore as mainland Chinese come to shop in HK with suitcases of cash the shops don't need to bother with sales :(

  3. How FAB dahhling.. I read your past post on avoiding "retail red" for the holiday & this great find of chartreuse ornaments is beautiful. I have to say we don't really participate in the pre or post christmas sales.

  4. the yearly pilgrimage to Neiman Marcus for their huge sale and a few glass ornaments to add to the collection (then a LONG nap!).

  5. What fun! Alas, I have been insanely busy and haven't had the opportunity to hit the sales yet. I fear I might have missed the opportunity this year. However my Christmas closet is greatly relieved.

    What I haven't missed the opportunity to do is to thank you again for your suggestion on that lovely book on Cuban architecture. We purchased a copy for my mother in law who spent her honeymoon there at Christmastime circa 1950. She has often remarked how that was the happiest Christmas memory of her life. So you can imagine how excited she was to receive the book. Thank you for helping to make her Christmas merrier with your suggestion, Reggie.


  6. No Boxing Day shopping for me- Our Irish house guests left for the New Orleans casinos- and after receiving a really odd assortment of presents,including a full size copy of one of my grandfather's branding irons, made by a real branding iron maker in Montana, I just didn't have it in me-


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