Sunday, December 25, 2011

What We Didn't Do Last Night . . .

. . . was go to midnight service, despite our best intentions.

And, well, here is what we are doing this morning:

Drinking fortified eggnog . . . and preparing our Christmas midday dinner of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and haricots verts—from recipes of our dear friend Lindaraxa.  

Each Christmas we are the delighted recipients of a potent treat of a secret and time-tested Southern family recipe of eggnog from our dear friends Ted and Betsy Greenwood.  They deliver it to their lucky friends in large Ball Mason jars called "Tednog."  Today we are consuming the "Tednog" in our secret and unexpectedly "retail red" goblets while preparing Christmas dinner.  How is it that we are so lucky to have such darling friends as Ted and Betsy?   How fortuate we are!

Happy Christmas to you, Dear Reader, and to yours from Darlington House!

Photographs by Boy Fenwick


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Your day sounds delightful, and 'Tednog' sounds scrummy. I wonder how it compares to 'Codnog'? ;-)

  2. Well Reggie Darling, to you and Boy I sent all kinds of warm holiday wishes. I will dream of your eggnog, and think perhaps next year I will come to Manhattan and this time we can go out to dinner with my boy child. Who, as it turns out, will be working in your fair city come June of next year:).

  3. Our dachshund would be going for that yummy glass of eggnog in no time flat. A dear + charming pug and post, to appreciate great friends. Cheers!

  4. Cheers, darling,hope it turned out as good as last year's!

  5. It sounds like a lovely Christmas and I am very intrigued by the “Tednog”...Best wishes for 2012! xx

  6. Shame on you for missing the Christmas Eve a fellow Episcopalian...I would think it is a MUSt on your list. I will admit it is one of the few times per year that I attend....perhaps the eggnog had something to do with it??

  7. If I every saw a delighful looking dog ...

    Happy 2012!


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