Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Just Wild About Slim

One of my favorite bloggers in the lifestyle sphere where I bobble about is Slim Paley, whose blog of her fabulous and über-stylish life in and about Santa Barbara, Sun Valley, and other swell environs is a "must read" of mine.  She's marvelously funny, wickedly smart, intensely visual, and takes the most gorgeous photographs of flowers, fashion, and interiors, many of her own, that she shares with us, her most fortunate followers.  She's a dynamo!

A week ago Ms. Paley posted a series of photos of her Christmas tree, in which she showed that she had decorated it with, among other things, the most beautiful dried slices of oranges imaginable.  The moment I saw Slim's Christmas orange slices I was filled with longing to have some for myself.  Well, not actually longing, Dear Reader, but rather lust.  I left a comment that indicated a certain degree of my covetousness.  Yes, Reggie admits that he is not immune to one or two of the Seven Deadly Sins from time to time.  He is mortal, after all.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a brown-paper package shortly thereafter from Lady Paley containing her gift of several dozen of said orange slices.  Not only was the package prettily and cleverly wrapped, but what it contained was as precious as jewels!

Within but a blink of an eye of my opening the package, Boy began hanging the orange slices on our Christmas tree at Darlington House.  He was already well underway placing the vintage (and some new-ish) glass gold, silver, and green ornaments that he had chosen as his color scheme this year.  What timing!  Boy darted to the basement and retrieved his small rare stash or orange glass ornaments to complete the new palette.

What had originally been conceived of as a Winter Woodland Christmas tree at Darlington House was now transformed into a citrusy shimmer of gold, green, silver, and orange.

I am beside myself with joy.

Thank you, dear Slim Paley.

Photographs by Boy Fenwick


  1. Oh! These slices are soooo cool!

    did she make those orange slices? do you know?
    She's my neighbor! If she bought them; maybe I can find them!!

    They are delicious!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful Mr. Darling! What a generous blogger Slim is to share her bounty with you and Boy. The slices fit in perfectly with a naturalistic Christmas decorating theme (always preferred over the ubiquitous store purchased mass produced junk). A very merry Christmas to you and Boy.

  3. Hi Reggie
    Be careful what you wish you. What a delightful and welcome gift you received and how beautifully Boy had adored your tree with these juicy objects.

    I shall visit Slim's blog and thank you for the introduction.

    Helen x

  4. My mother used to make these often. Thinly slice a naval orange, coat it with confectioner's sugar, and bake on a non-stick cookie sheet in a not-too-hot oven (about 200 degrees) until translucent (two or three hours).

    Another Christmas decoration was to entirely cover an orange with cloves and hang it with a velvet ribbon. The aroma is delightful this time of year.

  5. they look lovely!
    (I tried preserving lemon slices for tree ornaments a few years back but a full-scale ant invasion rather spoiled that concept.)
    I would love to see the rest of the tree--- will you post it please?

  6. Wow...just wow...never seen this ornamentation before and it is wonderful...I understand your lust for these natural baubles. Merry Christmas!

  7. Classicist,

    Thank you for both ideas! I'm running out to get some oranges and cloves... much cheaper than Bitter Orange. Reggie are you taking note? one day we might not be able to afford the splurge and this sounds like a good substitute.

    Oh and by the way I read your comment...a certain degree of covetousness my foot. I bet you sent Slim the box with your address already typed in!

    They are beautiful, enjoy!

  8. How lovely!! I'm a fan of Slim's stylish ways as well and I had admired her deliciously beautiful orange slices - lucky you!! They are the perfect addition to your tree!!

  9. If you've been reading my rant about the Christmas tree here at the Bangkok palace, you will know that I am very much in favour of these delightful tree ornaments, as well as the simple and elegant endeavours of Boy. Can you please send him and a box of these over?!

  10. Hello Reggie:
    The orange slices look wonderful on your Christmas tree and, no doubt, their scent fills the air at Darlington House most beautifully. Such a fortuitous find to have discovered Slim Paley's blog and now we have the pleasure of being introduced to her too!!

  11. I seem to recall that you are partial to orange in general, so these must be special to you. They definitely help to restore a natural and traditional balance to your tree.
    --Road to Parnassus

  12. Our tree now appears bereft in comparison.

  13. Reggie,
    These are wonderful and what a thoughtful gift!
    Also, thank you for a wonderful introduction to Slim and I'm off to visit her blog.

    The tree looks beautiful and I particularly enjoyed the colors and fruit...I made pomanders last weekend and now of course I am wanting to know how to do these, perhaps for next year!

  14. Dahhling Reggie, it is refreshing to know that some sins won't kill you but get you rewarded instead! How FAB.

  15. May we have a photograph of the complete tree, please? We would love to see all of its glory.

  16. It certainly is FAB and very clever! and thank you for bringing these delightful ideas to my attention Well done Reggie, Boy, & Lady Slim and Merry Christmas to you all!

  17. Not sure how I just found you, but I too follow Slim (and now you too!). Aren't the orange slices devine!

  18. What a beautiful tree at Darlington and how lovely of Slim Paley to send the dried orange slices.

    Admirers of dried orange slice decorations might enjoy seeing interior designer Stephen Shubel's Christmas tree in his 16th century Loire Valley house:

  19. Your tree is beautiful and inspiring. It reminds me of my mother, who as a child always received an orange at Christmas, and who in turn always gave her children oranges at Christmas. Merry Christmas to you from Mark.


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