Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pompey Out and About: Steven Gambrel's Book Signing Party

This past Thursday I was supposed to attend a book signing party for Steven Gambrel's hot-off-the-press Time & Place monograph at Archivia Book's jewel of a bookstore on upper Lexington Avenue.

Steven Gambrel's Time & Place
published by Abrams

However, my supposedly day job at the Investment Bank where I work expanded to include that evening as well (as it often does), which precluded my attending the party.  I reluctantly informed Boy Fenwick that I would not be able to join him and his assistant designer, Nancie Peterson, that evening.  So Boy and Nancie took Pompey with them to the party in my stead.

The author inscribing his new book . . .

Boy, Nancie, and I have admired Steven's work for years.  Although I have never met Mr. Gambrel, he and Boy have a passing acquaintance, and he has always been congenial when he and Boy have come across each other.  Boy and Nancie had a lovely time speaking with Steven and his dashing partner at the party.

. . . to Pompey!

Steven, being a fellow dog fancier, graciously invited Pompey, ancient as he is, on a date with his dog, Dash, who appears throughout the book.

Dash, Steven Gambrel's labradoodle

Not only that, but Steven even inscribed Boy's copy of the book to Pompey, who was tickled pink and highly flattered by such an inscription, and has been walking on clouds ever since at the prospect of one day meeting Dash.

Pompey is all aflutter!

I wish that I had been able to join Boy, Nancie, and Pompey that evening.  It sounds to have been an entertaining and convivial gathering, indeed.

Steven Gambrel, Nancie Peterson, and Pompey
having a lovely time at the book signing party

Photographs by Boy Fenwick


  1. Reggie,

    Pompey looks quite dashing but I think he's ready to go home. Poor fellow probably way past his bedtime.

    BTW we need a Reggie's "What's on my night table" post soon. Haven't found a good book to read in ages. You know what I like....

  2. Hello Reggie:
    An evening at the office would surely not be the place to be if one had such a fun gathering in the offing. What bad luck that you had to be chained to your desk whilst Boy and Pompey were on the town!

    We are now intrigued to learn more of Steven Gambrel and so shall look him up!

  3. Hello Reggie
    I loved discovering Steven Gambrel had to go straight to his site of course. Liked his country work especially.

    Always like hearing what Pompey is up to although I can also see you as a Scottie fancier!

  4. "Time and Place" is an apt name for Gambrel's work. I checked it out and liked how he uses various degrees of old, retro, antique and ancient, but mixes them up with lots of texture for his signature look.

  5. I just went to "one click" immediately! If my husband; (who runs my decorating business side) saw how fast I could order a book from Amazon; he would probably throw my laptop, my iPad, and my iPhone in the pond! (but there I would be on the apple one click......ordering their replacements!

    thank you for this one! (by the way...I skipped the iPad 2) and am totally thrilled with the new is astonishing.!

  6. In my next life, I want to come back as Pompey!!!

    So sorry you missed a delightful evening.

  7. So nice to see Pompey again!


  8. What an amusing inscription. Simply barking mad! I've admired Mr. Gambrel's work since seeing his elegant Captain's House featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine several years ago. I was taken by the unusual salmon and mousey brown color combination featured in one of the rooms. I'd just about written off pinks until I saw that room. I'm glad he's finally published a book on his works.

  9. Pompey! Pompey! We've missed you terribly. There is little wonder why Steven Gambrel fell in love with you. The man has exquisite taste, and who could resist you? You're beyond adorable.

    Be sure and let us know if a marriage with Dash is forthcoming.


  10. Pompey is such a man about town!

  11. Bumble is seriously impressed with Pompey and awaits the arrival of the book in the post to see what sort of chap Dash really is.

  12. Pompey is so fortunate to attend book signings by prominent designers. In my next life, I should like to be your dog.


    I have been following you for ages but only commenting now as this post was so delightful!

    A Pompey admirer, Terri in Canada

  13. I have always admired Stephen's work. Clearly Pompey is a lucky boy. Shiree'

  14. Reggie,
    I too am a fan of Mr. Gambrel's work. I think Pompey could grace the pages of a book or certaily a few magazine pages as one who lives in such a lovely home!


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