Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn (Leaves) in New York

Fortunately we had a lot of warning at Darlington about Hurricane Sandy, so we were able to prepare the house and grounds and button everything up ahead of the onslaught.  But for a few lamp flickers during the worst of it we emerged blessedly unscathed with power intact, no trees down, and a dry basement.  Others were not so lucky, I am afraid.

As any dog owner knows, one's furry, four-legged friends can find the approach of a heavy storm to be physically and emotionally taxing, what with all the electrostatic changes in the air that those more sensitive than we humans can feel.

Our darling Pompey is not immune to such effects.  As I've written before, he doesn't care for rain, water, or snow one bit.  In fact, he hates it all.  One must drag him out of doors, negotiating with his locked paws, in order for him to do his "business" when heavy rain is pounding and gale force winds are blowing.  I don't blame him, though—I suspect you'd have to drag me outdoors, too, if that's where I had to do my business under such circumstances!

In any event, in order to preemptively address such matters, dear Boy decided to take Pompey out for a constitutional just as the storm was beginning to kick its mischief up here in the Hudson River Valley.  Hoping against hope that the desired results would be made manifest.

While Pompey was endlessly sniffing (and alternately cowering when a particularly heavy gust blew through), Boy patiently waited for the desired results.

As Boy waited and waited, while uttering words of encouragement and admonishment to our little pug, Boy cast his eyes about the grounds at Darlington.  He was struck by the beauty of the colors of the fallen sugar maple leaves that covered the lawn.

Boy used his time to pick up a bouquet of the lovely leaves and presented it to me when he returned to the house, once his mission with our sweet Pompey had blessedly, and much to our collective relief, been accomplished.

I hope you enjoy the photo montage of these leaves, Dear Reader.

photographs by Boy Fenwick


  1. Poor Pompey! My dogs hate going out in the rain too. Those leaves are stunning and so artfully arranged! I'm glad to hear you made it through the storm unscathed.

  2. My FB comment from the height of the storm last night still stands: Can i just reiterate how happy i am that a) i have a backyard to let the dog out in, and 2) how glad i am that he's willing to go outside in this swill.

  3. Indeed. Our little Chester performed a similar scene so we carried him downstairs, where he immediately took shelter under the outdoor stairs, did his business and then immediately demanded to go back inside. At least he's a sensible pooch!

    Very pretty photos too.

  4. Glad everything is okay. Our corgi hates weather as well -- and they were bred to herd cattle -- so why THEY don't like the weather is a mystery to me -- how many cows have you seen indoors?

    So I understand totally!

  5. There is always a strange quality to the aftermath of a storm. I remember a tremendous storm that blew down a section of woods near my house, and then afterwards an owl that had lived there was circling for hours. Failing to make sense of its rearranged world, it eventually flew away and I never saw it again.

    You lead a charmed existence; not only did you avoid real damage, but it also seems that Sandy left a gift offering for you.

  6. Those leaves are gorgeous and what stunning photographs, Boy Fenwick is very talented!
    I am happy to know you are safe and warm. I was thinking of you and Boy while I was watching the news last evening.

  7. Have not been stopping by as often as I probably should have, but I truly enjoy reading you post, even when the subject is a certain "business" ...
    I am pleased to know that you, your family and your home faired well in the storm!

    Take Care!

  8. Lovely photos. You and Boy are both so talented. I'm glad you're safe. My two made it through as well.

  9. Honestly ,I am not a dog owner but I often take a family members dog for a walk. I am constantly chattering to the animal explaining noises and giving a running monolog with words of encouragement . Sometimes, it takes fifteen minutes but this animal needs some fresh air daily -- don't we all. But the neighbor that lets the dog wander about ( In a PUD with rules about using a leash) or ignoring the animal as I observe no noticeable interactions and once the animal had finished- in the eyes of the owner--- but it is obvious the young dog would like to explore further... Why bother owning a dog if you fail to realize the dog or cat has needs too-- as an owner are you not there to bring joy to your pet's existence?? The animal knows --a story from a co worker when the Antiques roadshow music airs the dog would eagerly wait at the door for the departure to the dog park LOL

  10. Hello Reggie:
    We are pleased to know that all is well with you and that your house did not suffer damage. As you say, from the news reports which we read, many many others have not fared so well and are experiencing the deepest distress. Our hearts go out to them.

    Animals are, in our experience too, always much more sensitive to these events than humans and can become completely disorientated by them. Our cats always hated Bonfire Night with fireworks crashing all around.

    Yes, your autumn leaf colour is magical!

  11. Poor Pompey! Taking care of business is always trying during extreme weather. Fortunately for our cat, his business is with a box. Thank you for another enjoyable post, and I'm so glad everything is well.

  12. Hello Reggie,

    Very happy to read that you've all weathered the storm unharmed. It is a mad, mad world out there and my thoughts are with the many others that did not fare as well.

    Once again, Boy's photographs are stunning and capture the vivid beauty of autumn's bounty. Here in San Francisco, our autumn looks much like spring. In bloom, bizarrely for this time of year, I see two white daffodils have appeared, flowers on the black tulip magnolia tree, and forget-me-nots. Mad, mad world indeed.


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