Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Lost Brothers?

Well, I thought the saga of the mustache cup was mined for everything it could offer, but I guess I was wrong.  One of the commenters to my last post, Greek Girl, asked me if I was aware that my great-grandfather bore a passing resemblance to a mustachioed Jude Law?  This hadn't occurred to me, as Reggie admits he is not always entirely up to date on popular culture, but Greek Girl's observation peaked my curiosity, and I did a bit of image searching to see what she was on to . . .

And lo and behold, this is what I found:

On the left is a photograph of my great-grandfather, taken in 1888, and on the right is one of the actor Jude Law, taken in 2008, or 120 years later.  Not exactly identical twins separated at very distant births, but the resemblance is close enough that they look as if they could be brothers, if not even fraternal twins.  Greek Girl was right!

Reggie is grateful to Greek Girl for leading him down this entertaining path, and thanks her for doing so.  Reggie also admits in his heart of hearts that he would not be unhappy if he had been the recipient of more of his great-grandfather's good looks, and less of his fine china . . .


  1. That china is pretty fine RD and the face ain't bad either. The Jude Law foto is of his role in Sherlock Holmes where he plays Watson-very convincingly too. xo, la

  2. Could you be related to that rascal Jude Law? It's really an amazing resemblance.
    Reggie, you've been left with more than fine china: you are just as handsome as your Grandfather/Jude Law!

  3. Very nice. My curiosity would be piqued as well. Interesting. Law's moustache (sp?) is rather sparse, I must say. During my archival research at the institute I am frequently surprised by the stylistic similarities between men in Victorian era and our own. For me it's the hairstyles and facial expressions. And facial hair, of which I am a fan. Fascinating.

  4. Yes, separated at birth resemblance. I must say your ancestor looks smug and confident. I hope he did not run off with the Nanny!

  5. Unky was quite handsome well into his 80s, retaining a full head of white hair.


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