Monday, August 16, 2010

Pompey At the Beach

It turns out that Pompey doesn't like going to the beach.  Not one bit.

Pompey, where he's happiest

In fact, it makes him miserable.

He hates the sand.  It's hot and difficult to walk on.

He can't stand the ocean.  It's wet and cold, and the surf crashes alarmingly.

He finds it all too much torture.

But he's perfectly happy at the house, hanging out and enjoying the sun and the breezes.

Just please don't bring him anywhere near the beach.

Does anyone know a pug who likes it?

Photograph by Boy Fenwick


  1. I appreciate the delicate sensibilities of a fair boy such as He. I'm with him.

  2. Not all dogs are robust outdoor types -- our Oliver certainly is a wuss when it comes to going out in the rain . . . . "you want me to do what?"

    Pugs were pampered and pampering doesn't include the beach!

  3. Poor Pompey! I'm sorry he had a miserable time at the beach, but he looks so adorable in that shot.

    I don't know about pugs, Reggie. I've had friends who had that breed, but they weren't beach-goers. My dogs always loved the beach, but I started them out young. That might make a difference, but maybe you tried that when Pompey was a pup.

  4. I have seen pugs playing in the water and on the sand at Dog Beach, here in California. My Pembroke Corgi was a fan of the beach.

  5. Well no sand and sea for Pompey. I see he's wearing an ORANGE tag. And is that ORANGE piping on a robe? Glad to know Pompey & Co are back cozy at home.
    Best wishes,

  6. Dear Reggie, Pompey is adorable! My neighbour has a pug and a French bulldog and neither of them like the beach.

    I looked after a friends dog for years he was a Victorian bulldog and he wasn't keen on the beach but he did like water. I did a post about him here. I love any breed with squashy faces xx

  7. My pug, Lulu, hates the beach as well. She doesn't like to get her paws wet.

  8. I'm with Pompey, I hate the sand too!

  9. I love Pompey. I doubt, however, My-Reason-For-Living-In-France will let me have a third dog. Think I'll work on it though -- apparently I can be very convincing.

  10. I love the beach- probably because I don't have a permanent fur coat and webbed feet. That being said, My Boston Terrier is crazy about the beach and merrily takes himself for a little swim if the day is hot. Now, I live on the Long Island Sound, so the surf is relatively benign (those Nantucket waves must look like a sunami to poor Pompey), and he's been going to the beach since puppyhood- so I guess it's all what your accustomed to.

  11. I love that sweet face and his dislike for the sand is quite "drole."
    My daughter loves the ocean but does not love the sand.
    Pompey needs to have a pve work of art in his honor.
    I would make him in some sort of tented dog bed for the beach, on wheels.

  12. We just took our 4 year old pug to the beach in Maine for the first time this summer and he loved the ocean. I was surprised, I thought he would be afraid. He does seem to think he is a big dog in a little body though.

  13. Here in Summerland, California........there is a couple who have 4 pugs....they walk on the beach 2 or 3 times a day.......their license plate says.......FITPUGS; 3 beige and 1 black. The first time I saw him; I said......"are all those pugs yours?" he said, "I'm afraid so!"


  14. My parents are pug breeders in Hawaii. Their personal pugs played on the beach daily from the time they were pups. I think aclimation from an early age is the key. My current pug in Tokyo has never seen the beach or had much to do with nature outside of very manicured Japanese parks. He dislikes rain, getting his feet wet, and small spiders. He also seems petrified of kittens. The smaller the scarier.


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