Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas Gift for Pompey

This year our present to Pompey was a dog bed for the master bedroom that Boy had made in a handsome ticking from Rogers & Goffigon. Last evening we lit a fire in the bedroom's fireplace, and the three of us sat in the room, reading aloud. Pompey enjoys his new bed, but as you will see he prefers to push his tushie up against the firescreen for a good baking.

"Hmmm . . . this new bed is comfy"

"The bed is OK, but this is nicer -- good and hot!"

Tomorrow: photos of the decorations at Darlington . . .

Photos by Boy Fenwick


  1. Oh, Pompey, you were an adorable puppy and now you are a very handsome old man!

    Sister Darling

  2. What a lovely dog, I would like one, but I am not enough at home so :-

    Merry Christmas


  3. That is what we call "Hot Buns" in our household!LOL

    *I had a pug , they are sweet.

  4. Welcome Lady Jicky, come back often!

  5. Pompey is so handsome and yet so squeezable...

  6. The photograph of Pompey in front of the firescreen just screams Christmas Card for next year!! Adorable!

  7. Reggie- I'm having a ball going through your blog- how it has escaped me all this time, I don't know. I am very glad to see the bright shine on your brass fireplace equipment. Nothing says "well kept house" better, as far as I'm concerned, and nothing makes a room look duller or unloved more than a pair of tarnished andirons- typically gracing an empty hearth.

  8. Hello Magnus, and welcome! I agree, dull and tarnished fireplace equipment is to be avoided, if possible. We are fortunate to have someone who is willing to clean and polish it for us, and actually enjoys doing it (see my "The Decorating Progresses" post). Previously this task fell to yours truly, so it wasn't as well cared for as you see it here...

  9. He is really handsome. I may have missed this somewhere, but how old is Pompey? Did he have a blacker face that has greyed, or was he always that color?

  10. Hello Kirsten: Welcome to RD. Pompey turned eleven this past May. His muzzle was black when he was a pup, as can be seen in parts III and IV of the Pompey Chronicles, which appears here in my blog. Thanks, Reggie


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