Monday, December 28, 2009

Darlington As Decorated As It's Going to Get, Part I

At last we are finally fully-decorated at Darlington, or at least as decorated as we’re going to get. This is a two-part posting: Part I features a tour of the exterior and Part II features the interiors.  Enjoy the tour!

The front door and portico, with the wreath Boy made and the roping hung by Rich and Junior

The side (now main) entry, all bedecked with roping and a wreath

The door, decorated with a wreath from U.S. Evergreen

More views of the side entry porch

The light post, covered with roping, plus a balsam wreath on the workhouse door

The door to the small barn, decorated with a magnolia wreath

Although Boy prefers only white lights, I insisted that we cover the lilacs behind the small barn with big, red, old-fashioned Christmas lights this year

The lights at night -- Boy thinks it makes our place look like the village brothel

Photos by Boy Fenwick and Reggie Darling


  1. Everything is perfect! I do like the big red lights! Not a brothel but rather Christmas -- an old fashioned Christmas! Love the real greens -- so much better than the fake with twinkle lights!

  2. haha brothel -I always think red lights are charming and vintage. It's looking great!

  3. Love the post and I hope you had a great holiday!

  4. Reggie, yes, I agree with an Aesthet's lament. Do they have a jealous button on this thing? I am curious if you can think of a better word than "blog"? The word does not flow from one's mouth with much delight, and your blog is a delight.

  5. I had trouble trying to post a comment yesterday so - fingers crossed!

    I can see one Very Snazzy party coming on and have a champagne cocktail for me please!

  6. part 1, love the red lights. part 2, there must be the part 3-day after.promise?

  7. Also good luck with the party tomorrow, what are you serving? Take pictures and I have you on my igoogle page from Mrs. Blanding.

  8. I am loving those pink lights....wonderful decorating, xv.

  9. Oh what a lovely magnolia wreath, I had never seen one like that and I adore magnolias...

  10. I knew it would be lovely especially since Mrs. Blandings sent me here.
    Now I want to illustrate that charming spot.

  11. Thank you, one and all -- stay tuned for the interior decorations...

  12. Here thanks to Mrs. Blandings, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through your lovely stories. Thank you so much for your authentic writing style while sharing your livestyle adventures.


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